Some fun leaves for decoration Ines and Nelson are getting married on 5th August 2017 at 16h00. See
        below for more information.

Welcome! Ines and Nelson got married on 5th August 2017 at 16h00. Read below for more information.

it was a happy day

And just like that, it came and went! Thank you to all who joined us, it was unforgettable.

Wedding Details

Saturday 5th August, 16h00

Mosteiro Santa Maria de Landim
Alameda do Mosteiro
4770-328 Landim
Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal


Dress Code: Cocktail

Ladies: Summer cocktail attire of your choice.
Men: Ties and blazers or suits for the ceremony
& photos, open shirts after that.

Line drawing of the mosteiro de Landim as a separator

All events including the ceremony will take place at the Mosteiro.
Come prepared for dinner and dancing!

Getting there

You'll want to fly in to Porto Airport (Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro). We've also done the trip by train and ferry before but not one for those short on time!

Landim is around a 35 minute drive from Porto (through the motorway) and the nearest town is Vila Nova de Famalicão, around 15 minutes by car.

There is no easy way of getting to the venue by public transport (London friends, you ain't in Kansas any more) so let us know if you need help getting to the Mosteiro.

GPS co-ordinates: 41°22'46.1"N+8°27'51.8"W

Getting Home

We'll have some mini buses available at the end of the night doing a couple of trips to Vila Nova de Famalicão and Porto to drop people off who need a ride.

We'll also make sure we have mobile phone charging stations at the Mosteiro so the more technology dependent among us have an operational navigation system for their journey home!

Gift Registry

We're very grateful to those that have travelled to spend this day with us and that is in and of itself all we are asking for. Thank you!

If you would like to get us something, we are very excited about our honeymoon in Asia and any contributions will be happily received!
NIB: 0019 0063 00200006126 34

If you would prefer to buy us a gift, we also have a gift registry at El Corte Ingles.
You can access it by clicking on 'Convidados' and then searching for 'Teles' or 'Correia' in the "Apelidos" box and finding our names.

Line drawing of the Mosteiro de Landim

If you have a questions drop us an email.